Examples of industry sectors and reporting scenarios where we have project experience

Industry sectors

  • Paper & Wood
  • Telecommunications
  • Chemicals
  • Manufacturing
  • Wholesale/Retail
  • Utilities

Business Intelligence Scenarios

  • Profitability Analysis (CO-PA)
  • Profit Center Accounting (EC-PCA)
  • Cost Center Accounting (CO-CCA)
  • Overhead Orders (OM-OPA)
  • Product Costing (PC)
  • Sales and distribution - orders, deliveries, billing (SD)
  • Purchasing (MM)
  • Inventory Management (MM-IM)


  • Production Planning (PP)
  • Financial Accounting (FI-GL/AP/AR/AA)
  • Investment Management (IM)
  • Human Resources (HR)
  • Customer Service (CS)
  • Plant maintenance (PM)
  • Cross application time sheet (CATS)
  • SAP Customer Relationship Management (SAP CRM)
  • SAP Industry Solution - Utilities (SAP IS-U)





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